Mission Statement of Survivors Journey

-Survived by Grace and Living for the Moment- 

Through out life you find yourself thinking this end but something speaks inside your soul telling you to survive. That this battle in your journey of life will not destroy you. In your soul you have to believe you are a survivor! This journey of life is awesome in every moment no matter in that moment is painful and disheartening. Live in that moment! Every moment in is unique and you cant get that moment back. So life in the moment.

Survived by Grace is something you cant take for granted. Your time in this life isn’t guarantee. The only thing that is guaranteed is the very moment you're living in now. This very moment may be your last moment. So Live in the moment and don’t take one second for granted. God has given you that moment live in that moment and learn from it! Survivors Journey is beautiful and lived in the moment because the next moment isn’t promised.

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