Living in My Moment

What's Up Survivors Journey Tribe,

It's been a good minute since I have posted in the blog. Wanted to send out a short message today talking about " Living in My Moment". I know that statement sounds self centered but without you taking pride in knowing your worth. Living in your moment will be about everything and anything but what needs to be focused on. You have to learn to love yourself. 

You have to create your moment. Not waiting around for someone to hand it to you. God wants that for us. So I challenge you to take that statement "Living in My Moment" and apply it to your everyday life. No one is promised tomorrow. I will tell you now. I'm "Living in my moment" everyday and second of my life. Your moment is now!! God is for you so who can be against you.


One Love,

    Faustine aka Tina

(Founder of Survivors Journey)


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